Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Beers with Allison and an Indian Casino

My employer has an office in Milwaukee that I have the opportunity to visit now and then. I also have a couple of cousins living up there so I've been taking the opportunity to visit them while I'm in town.

I also like to visit breweries so this was definitely a two birds one stone situation.

I admired the keg art happening at Lakefront Brewery.

It was really enjoyable to sip a brewsky and watch the watersports happening nearby.

This place even had a dock and racks set up where you could stow your kayak or canoe while you visit. I thought that was really cool and something definitely not available in St. Louis despite some of the other similarities between the two cities.

My new favorite cousin Allison is in town doing some smart people thing with brains or something.

After saying goodbye to Allison I decided to check out the local Indian casino: Potawatomi.

They had a cigar menu so I thought why not dabble? It was like flavored like citrus. It was sort of like smoking a flat Sprite. It was so horrid that I left it there. Bleh. The beer was good at least.

The slot machines were much better than at the casinos in St. Louis. I like the good themed ones. This one was Plants vs. Zombies.

The guys at the office were telling me that the casino does something shady, like it has lower payout rates than the law requires. However they make more money on scamming people than the fine, so they just pay the fine every year. Crazy stuff.

I'm getting pretty familiar with Milwaukee with all of the time I'm spending up here. Weeknight Milwaukee, anyway.

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