Saturday, August 24, 2019

Family Day at Purina Farms

Our friend Wing works at Purina and got us tickets to their private corporate event Family Day that they have at Purina Farms. I think the story I heard is that they alternate between Purina Farms and Six Flags every other year. 

Where to begin!?

Closed to commoners only, thankfully.

The Purina Incredible Dog Show featured dogs able to do all sorts of tasks that are frankly unnecessary in the modern economy. Catching frisbees and running through obstacles is cool but I'll really be impressed when they get a dog to run a copy machine or put tickets on illegally parked cars. Get a job, dogs!

I was amused that they wouldn't say "frisbee" because it's a registered trademark. They called them something silly like action disks or something.

There was a lot of free food and we ate it all.

I ate so much that I weighed in at a solid "market pig". Sounds delicious.

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