Friday, August 23, 2019

Arting In and Rocking Out

We started off our exploration today with a visit to the Saint Louis Art Museum to check out Paul Gauguin: The Art of Invention

I was especially interested in Gaugin's work in Tahiti. I've been making some good progress in the Pacific islands recently, with trips to Hawaii, Solomon Islands, VanuatuFiji, and New Zealand. These nations are all related but at the same time have considerable physical distance between each other, so it's been fun to see the similarities and differences in their cultures.

There were some related works mixed in that weren't Gauguin.

"Hone Taahu, the master carver who created these panels, is known for combining both square and serpentine figures. Taahu's carvings often include action and movement, visible in one panel with the placement of the hands through the mouths. Taahu is also credited for depicting great variation in the stylistic treatment of tongues. Extending one's tongue is an expression of a Maori warrior's readiness to fight."

I won a couple of tickets from Do314 to see the Summer Cannibals at the Duck Room at Blueberry Hill. They rocked so hard with the guitars and the sounds.

Every time we come to the Duck Room I have to remind Lydia that I saw Chuck Berry play here, and that she, a native St. Louisan, has failed to do so. Low energy!

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