Friday, August 02, 2019

Natalie in the Lou

Natalie, my friend since high school days, was in town and wanted to tourist so Brandon and I carted her around town to see the sights.

This was the first time I've been to the brewery since the "big quit" so it was a little weird for me. A couple of my old coworkers expressed surprise that I was allowed back on campus. I agree.

I had not realized they shave the clydesdale's beards.

They were torturing a tank of Bud Light with non stop "Gloria" in honor of the St. Louis Blues. Every bottle is going to taste like tears.

Natalie feared the beechwood. Sad.

I had a couple of these wooden nickels left lying around and I figured I would cash them in. The bartender told me they'd discontinued the program and don't accept them anymore. This was officially the worst day of my life.

We went to the arch.

Strolled around a bit of Citygarden Sculpture Park. I even took this chick to Gooey Louie. Best friend or bestest friend? You decide.

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