Friday, August 16, 2019

Snoop Dogg at the Illinois State Fair

I like to go to the Illinois State Fair every year. It's a fun farmy family tradition.

This year I asked my dear mother back in April if she would wait in line at the fairgrounds to buy us tickets to Snoop Dogg and Friends and she replied:

The tickets were mine! My mom said that all of the other people in line were there for Reba McEntire tickets and they sold out so there were a lot of sad people around. She got to proudly proclaim within their earshot that she was they for the D O double G! 

The show was on a friday so we had to zoom over after work. There wasn't a whole lot of time to do fair stuff before the show started, which was ok I guess. We hit a lot of the highlights. I was annoyed that they still make you pay full price when you have a ticket to the show.

Lydia put her hands in the air, almost as if she just don't care.

This was my favorite. Nate Dogg has passed away, so Snoop Dogg and Warren G performing "Regulate" is really the next best thing. It reminded me of that time I hit the east side of the LBC.

I was worried that I may never see Snoop again. But my fears were soon allayed when Mr. Dogg announced "I will be back to Illinois anytime you motherfuckers want me to come back". 

It was fine that our time here had been so short. There was more state fairing to do tomorrow! We had toyed with the notion of spending the night at my parents' house but we thought if we got some driving done tonight we'd have less in the morning. We spend the night in Peoria.

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