Saturday, October 05, 2019

We Wanted the Cup!

We had lunch at the new hotness: Balkan Treat Box.

Fun fact: St. Louis has the largest Bosnian population outside of Europe.

They were having a little mini beer tasting festival at Randall's. My favorite was Jucifer by Church Street out of Itasca, Illinois. Mostly just because it had a cool name.

We were doing a little downtown strolling when we bumped into this big fella just sitting in a parking space like it belonged there.

"Experimental Pod 1 (XP-1) is our historic first-generation vehicle, akin to the Wright Brothers' Flyer which ushered in a new transportation age over a hundred years ago. At our hyperloop test site in the Nevada desert, XP-1 reached record-breaking speeds of 240 mph over just 545 yards of track. XP-1 combines a carbon fiber shell around a custom built levitating chassis, which has more in common with a Formula 1 race car chassis than a train undercarriage, as it is optimized for weight, strength, and stability. It is the only vehicle on earth which has been at the epicenter of hundreds of hyperloop tests, setting the foundation for the future of transportation."

I keep hearing St. Louis - Kansas City is on the short list for possible hyperloop routes. That will be awesome because it will help those poor souls in KC evacuate faster.

We visited the Arch. It's still there.

So the St. Louis Blues won the Stanley Cup. I went to the arena the day of, I went to the victory parade, and now I kept seeing pictures of Lord Stanley circulating around town. Each team member apparently got one day to take the cup home, eat spaghetti out of it, put their baby in it, and take it to bars for fans to play with. I figured the cup and I were both circulating enough that we'd bump into each other eventually. When I read that cup time was almost over though, I decided to be a bit proactive. I found this good @stlcuptracker Twitter account that allowed me to stalk the cup all over town. When the cup was rumored to make an appearance at Soulard bar Hammerstones, I hatched a plan. The plan... was to go to Soulard bar Hammerstones.

I think that a lot of people thought that the cup would be set up inside on a little stage where local bands play. Luckily we chose to sit outside instead.

When I heard rumblings that it was arriving I went outside to greet it. Even the police providing security for the event were taking pictures.

I thought it was classy that the cup handler was wearing gloves. Either that or he just knows how many dirtbags have touched it with their greasy mitts.

We were lucky that we got a decent spot in line. Many of the people in line would not be getting a picture today. It was here for a very limited time.

Nailed it!

On the way out we admired the cupmobile a bit and then headed home. Mission accomplished!

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