Monday, October 28, 2019

Lydia's Introduction to Pro Wrestling

I like to lurk on the St. Louis subreddit to keep abreast of St. Louis happenings.

Then I saw this beautiful Ric Flair tweet and it was on. Nature Boy and Hulk Hogan?!

I watched this about 50 times to get into the right headspace and to practice my "Wooooo!"

It was funny when I asked Lydia if she wanted to see Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair she quickly agreed. When we arrived at the Enterprise Center though, she seemed confused. She didn't realize that we were going to see professional wrestling! Like did she think this was going to be a book tour or what?

We watched a few fights and waited for the legends to emerge. In between fights the silence was broken with lots of "Woooos!"

I was doing my best Macho Man Randy Savage impression. Lydia agreed that the cream rises to the top.

As far as fan experiences went, there was some left to be desired. For example: they were playing commercials in between fights! The hell?

Lydia was being a bit of a poop and kept talking about the damage all of this stlylized violence was doing to the children watching. Teachers are a real bummer sometimes.

I haven't watched wrestling in a long long time. I understood that bringing the greats out was probably a way to appeal to a certain demographic and get me interested in the new talent. I... really didn't care if the new talent lived or died to be honest. Bring out the Hulk!

Now I assume neither of them wrestle anymore. I know that Ric Flair has had some health issues. Despite that fact I was still happy to see them. It was like a little gift to my 8 year old self. I don't really do much for that kid these days.

Here's a match between the two from back in the day.

It was kind of funny that each of them was sort of like a promoter for another dude who was actually going to do the wrestling. I was a little annoyed that they did get in each other's face and do some trash talking, but they weren't miced! The audience couldn't hear a single thing either of them said. That combined with the ridiculous commercials they kept playing kind of soured me on the experience a bit. Oh well. It was fun.

Back in the lobby we did some important business.

Speaking of business: I went to the merch table for amusement and I was not disappointed. That red and gold belt in the center? $425!!

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