Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Goose Island Pop-Up

Every once in a while I check out Eventbrite for local events. I then go down a rabbit hole, and come to my senses 3 hours later having just reserved tickets to 57 local events, half of which are all on the same day and I'll have no chance of attending. Luckily this time was a success.

A yet to exist bar was hosting a 3 day Goose Island pop-up taproom in Clayton.

Goose Island's Bourbon County Stout is like the gold standard among Anheuser-Busch employees. It was a pretty limited release that took place on Black Friday, it got bought up, and then that was it until the next year. One year we were going to be in Cleveland for Thanksgiving so I bribed one of the analysts into making me a spreadsheet showing me which Cleveland retailers were getting the most cases of this black ambrosia so I would know where to camp out on Black Friday. My evil plan worked perfectly.

It's also fun because you can age it for five years in the bottle. When I left A-B I took a few cases of this with me, knowing it would have to last me a while.

So anyway, a lot of the stuff on the menu I'd already had but it was still fun to see it on sale again.

I was real jealous of this set up, where they had Bourbon County set up in the wine cellar.

So much Goose, so little time.

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