Sunday, October 06, 2019

Augusta Bike Breakdown

We all headed out to Defiance, Missouri for our pretty much annual winery bike trip to Augusta.

Things were going fine until we arrived at a section of the bike trail that was closed due to flooding. There was a detour path but it was much rockier. My newly renovated bike lasted about 5 minutes before one of its slender tires popped. I'm accustomed to riding bikes with like monster truck tires so I hadn't even considered such a thing being a problem. I walked back to the rest stop and Lydia rode back to get the car. I still had fun despite the mishap.

I'm beginning to learn about the joys of riding a bike with a friggin leather seat. Turns out, if it gets wet, either due to rain or even body sweat, it will dye your butt brown. It's quite a feature.

Good news was there was still beer left when we drove back to Independence. 

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