Sunday, October 20, 2019

Chicago - Springfield - St. Louis, What More Do You Need?

Fun was had in Chicago but as it was a sad, normal weekend it was already time to go home.

There was luckily some time for cat games.

I hit up the Milito's Mobil for gas on the way home.

I had never been to this heavenly gas station but I did email them once when I was doing some genealogy for my Italian citizenship claim. Anyway I asked if they had any swag for sale and they said no but then asked for my address.

And sent me this handsome Milito's Car Wash hoodie!

On the way back down to St. Louis I stopped in Springfield at Motorheads Bar & Grill to eat lunch with my parents. All the best restaurants are inside abandoned roadside Pizza Huts.

They called their menu an owner's manual. How witty.

The wittiness continued with car themed names for foods. You'll hate yourself way less when you proudly tell your server you want the High Octanes. Only you and he need to know you really just ordered a basket of battered cheddar jalepeƱo corn nuggets.

This place was actually really cool. Not only did they have a lot of cool retro signs up everywhere but many of them were Springfield specific.

I must've been feeling nostalgic because I bought the most Springfield thing on the menu.


Bronco (Horseshoe) 11.99. Mustang(Pony) 8.99

Served on Texas toast and smothered in delicious cheese sauce. Choose from: french fries, homemade chips or tater tots. Choose from: hamburger, ham, turkey, grilled or breaded chicken, pulled pork, italian beef, or bacon buffalo chicken or pork tenderloin (breaded or grilled), add 1.00 (Diet horseshoe NO BREAD!)"

It was a good weekend.

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