Monday, February 15, 2016

The Zoo in February

We hit the Saint Louis Zoo in the middle of winter. Some of the animals weren't out, true, but there was close to zero people there which was awesome. We got really good views of the animals and the whole place was very serene. It was a nice stroll. Parking was easy too.

It was the day after Valentine's Day and the polar bear's enclosure had hearts drawn all over it.

It had some sort of pink hued ice treat that it was clawing it.

Red pandas are a thing and they look like funky raccoons.

The tiger didn't seem concerned that there was snow everywhere.

When you come to the end of a seemingly successful life you should ask yourself, are there any statues of me hanging out with a monkey for future generations to enjoy?

Case in point. Jeff Koons is master of giant hideous shiny things. We saw another of his works recently in New York.

My utter favorite of the whole day were the sea lions. I imagine that the cold weather means they haven't entertained many visitors as of late and they were so playful. They would follow your hand around, doing underwater somersaults and zig zags, only leaving to go to the surface for air, then coming right back. They were so much fun.

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