Thursday, February 04, 2016

Great Hockey Seats

Lydia received a letter from the St. Louis Blues welcoming her to St. Louis and inviting her to sign up for a free game via a website link. I figured I'm newer here than her plus "free" is one of my very dearly held interests so I signed up too. Sure enough we got two sets of tickets!

I invited my buddy Jim of Kentucky Derby fame to come along. The seats were fifth row and probably the best seats I will ever have.

When guys got smashed against the glass you could almost smell the maple syrup on their breath.

There weren't any real duke-outs but there were a couple of group pile ups that were amusing.

At one of the intermissions two kids' teams faced off. It's pretty glorious.

The Scottrade Center goes into Super Mario mode when the Blues had someone put in the penalty box.

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