Sunday, February 07, 2016

New York Day 3: A Visit to the Met

Our final big New York sight to see was the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The museum was showing a temporary exhibit on Picasso sculpture, plus they have a crazily excellent permanent selection of famous works to feast one's eyes on.

This is a Jackson Pollock, totally not just a bunch of paint spatters.

There were several of these cool absinthe with spoon and sugar cube sculptures. Picasso must have liked to partake.

Everyone was paying special attention to this crazy deconstructed guitar.

I assume this is called "The Breakdancing Clown."

Bleep bloop to you too.

The girls had some sibling rivalry that they needed to work out. They were doing the bug slug, the cop bop, and other such I-Spy turned violent games. When I declared we were now also playing poncho kancho and spotted the first one everybody gave me some space.

Back at the hotel during checkout I spotted this awesome artsy chair in the lobby which was straight out of Battlestar Galactica. I was preparing my butt for a good sittin' when a hotel employee suggested I sit in this normal looking chair a few steps away. I responded with a polite version of "How bout I sit on your mouth dummy?" When I was done clowning on the quite uncomfortable metal chair I stood up and the man informed me that that robot toilet is a $70K art piece. Whelp, time to find the exit!

Zoe flew back from Newark Airport but split a cab over there like a true New Yorker.

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