Thursday, February 11, 2016

A Secret Restaurant

Once upon a time there was this garbage football team called the St. Louis Rams and they wanted taxpayers to build them a new football palace despite the fact they have plenty of their own money for such things and we haven't even finished paying the current one off yet. It didn't work out and now they are going to go be terrible at football someplace else. Great. Well there was one little restaurant in danger of being demolished if the plans for a new stadium were carried out. I figured we should give it a peek.

Map: Piecing together stadium land
The two lonely little red squares marked "likely eminent domain" are Al's and Al's parking lot.

Al's is in a very sketchy and strange neighborhood. It's northeast of the Lumiere Casino's parking lot next to some train tracks. I was expecting a pretty low key place considering the locale. Nope.

A man in what I think was a tuxedo took our coats and led us into a very elegant old school dining area.

The most notable aspect of the service was that there were no menus. Our server pushed out a cart with fancy cuts of meats and fish and gave a knowledgeable explanation of each. There was no mention of prices anywhere either, which is never a good thing. Entrees at this next to the train tracks, inexplicably fancy eatery were in the $40-$50 dollar range.

I had the filet mignon. I figured if I'm going to get dinged I might as well get something interesting. I forget what they called it and I want to say it was "Al's style", but it was breaded and stuffed with cheese and covered with sauce. It tasted pretty good but I kind of regretted putting the steak through so much rigmarole. You're beautiful just how you are, steak.

The other room of the building is home to a bar that is awesomely made up to look like a riverboat.

They must be good if they made it into the German edition of Playboy, right?

I think I might come back for a drink someday at the very cool bar but the food is much too pricey for me!

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