Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Mid-Missouri Wrestling Alliance St. Patrick's Smackdown

I've walked by the South Broadway Athletic Club in Soulard many times and had just assumed it was a gym. After visiting I have a bit better handle on what the place is, but not completely. Boxers and wrestlers train there, they have events, a bar, and there's also some type of membership available? It's definitely a sort of business that I haven't seen before.

MMWA 3/12/16
Well when I heard that the Mid-Missouri Wrestling Alliance was a thing, and that the heavyweight belt was on the line, I really had no choice but to drop whatever I was doing and get over there as fast as possible. We had a pretty good size group of friends get together for the occasion.

Gary Jackson doing some showboating with his heavyweight belt.

Jackson successfully defended his title against Moondog Rover.

I've decided that when I grow up I want to be Moondog Rover.

Good times were had. Apparently St. Louis has had some big professional wrestling names pass through over the years, and World Wrestling Entertainment's Randy Orton got his start here.

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