Saturday, August 02, 2014

Garage Sales, Gardens, and Kansas City BBQ

The day came for us to drive Lydia's sister Zoe to Kansas City so she could take the train back to St. Louis. But first, we went all over the darn place.

My main contribution to the day was insisting that we check out the town of Goodman, Missouri's town-wide garage sale. We rummaged the heck out of those people.

Lydia ogled this old Volkswagen Beetle until the owner came out and asked us if we wanted to hear it run. We did the running all the way back to the car.

We bounced back to Neosho to take in a little festival action. Neosho is surprisingly active in the fun events department. Let's hope it keeps up, or this could be a long winter.

We arrived in Kansas City with some extra time to kill so we did a bit of strolling in the Kauffman Memorial Garden. There were about three wedding parties trying to take pictures there at the same time. It was really sunny and hot, so I did not envy them. There were some really cool hidden fountain things going on that I liked a lot.

We were sad after leaving Zoe at Union Station. Gates BBQ did a really surprising job of filling the hole in our hearts though.

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