Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Springfield Cardinals

The day after we saw the Missouri State Fair, we headed over to Columbia, Missouri in order to help Zoe move into her dorm room. We then sped south to see the Springfield Cardinals play at Hammons Field.

Of course I had to go check Wikipedia for the team's history. I have an illness. Anyway, Stan "The Man" Musial played for Springfield in 1941.

We both joined the Neosho Area Chamber of Commerce as a way to meet people and get involved with events around town. We went to the game as part of the "Neosho Community Night with the Springfield Cardinals". I was especially excited about the Neosho t-shirt everyone received.

The whole experience brought me back to my little kid days going to the Springfield, Illinois Cardinals games. It looks like that team moved away in 1993, making me no older than 9 when they last played. Time flies. Also Springfield, IL had an All-American Girls Professional Baseball League (à la A League of Their Own) called the Springfield Sallies for one year in 1948. Curse Wikipedia and its endless fun facts!

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