Friday, August 29, 2014

Omaha Via Long John Silver's

We briefly considered spending the three-day Labor Day weekend at home taking it easy, but then we were like "Nah, let's go someplace awesome." Our plan was to check out Omaha, Nebraska but so many quests, voyages, and adventures presented themselves along the way that we only spent one night there.

On the way out of town I took Lydia to Long John Silver's. The poor girl had never been there before! What's the statute of limitations on child abuse?! My mom took me to this deliciously unhealthy eatery quite often and it's surely part of why I'm such a great success today. The magic is pretty simple. Take an animal that used to live in the water and then make it crunchy. Also chicken. Boom.

Also the hats.

We drove by the most glitzy glamorous rural Missouri movie theater that ever was dreamt: the Century 6 in Nevada, Missouri.

We made it to Lawrence, Kansas before stopping for the night.

Will our fearless adventurers make it to Omaha? Will they survive their encounter with a 75 year old creepy black baby-doll? Will they see a camel? Will Lydia eat a cucumber shoved full of crab meat? Find out next time on John Milito's Amazing Adventures!

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