Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Visit to Braum's

Ostensibly Lydia's sister Zoe was supposed to be staying with us in Neosho in order to help Lydia get her classroom in order. I don't have any evidence that work was being done over there. What I do know is that I was now buying ice cream for three.

Braum's is a regional Dairy Queen sort of chain, with burgers and desserts in a one stop shop. I read that one thing that makes Braum's unique is that they are really vertically integrated. For example they raise the cows that the beef and dairy products come from themselves. I don't know if it is extra freshness or what but the food is pretty darn good. Lydia says the place reminds her of Culver's.

Alongside the average fast food restaurant setup there is a mini supermarket included! Now that is different. Most of the products are Braum's brand. Haven't seen anything like that before.

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