Friday, July 11, 2014

The Newton County Fair

Now that I'm back home and I see that I took 2,000+ pictures of the Newton County Fair, I think it's fair to say that I was thoroughly engaged by the experience. Everything and everyone at the fair seemed to really be alive and moving, so I went a bit GIF crazy in order to capture that. You can take a moment now to curse me while the page loads.

Neosho is the seat of Newton County, and it just so happens that Neosho is where the county fairgrounds are located. Why the heck not?

There were a couple of animal related events that we had planned on seeing before arriving, but once we got there we just went with the flow. There weren't many signs or maps or explanations around, but happenstance treated us pretty darn well I'd say.

Should Lydia buy me a corndog?

We had a chuckle at some pretty country-looking food trucks.

This one was really awesome. It was a hippy bus that somehow had the food grill under the hood. Hippies aren't renowned for cleanliness so we gave it a pass. Cool bus though.

After a snack and some reconnaissance we found some bleachers where some animal showing was happening.

In came the cows.

I had a question so burning that I had to just blurt it out to a nearby stranger. What the heck is up with those sticks? Each contestant was scratching their cow's belly with a stick with a little spiky crook on the end, like a really long fireplace poker. Their answer was that it kept the animal calm. I can't imagine how that's possible but ok. 

The competition was very democratically done by sound of applause. We mostly just clapped for whoever had the cutest kid. Possibly in response to this, most of the cows brought kids.

This guy was pretty funny. When one of his rivals was being interviewed by the MC, he made the guy's cellphone ring to interrupt. Alas, being kidless, he did not have much of a chance.

Next were some sheep? They were pretty blah blah boring sheep if you ask me.

I really enjoyed the piggy mayhem (mayham?) that unfolded once the pigs were unleashed. The previous animals obeyed their masters for the most part, but the pigs were pretty much going to do whatever the heck they felt like doing.

I happily hummed a little Benny Hill theme song.

I'm not certain, but I think that the only prize the winners of the various contests received was from a collection bucket that was passed around the crowd during the event. The victor was simply handed the bucket upon winning, and no mention was made as to how much money was inside. I think that added to the wholesome simplicity of the events.

After the craziness was over we went and visited some of the animals in their dorm rooms. 

I don't really get what this one was up to but he was determined.

Haves and the Have Nots.

We then returned to the apartment on the square. On a neighborhood walk we discovered a new neighbor. I was pretty interested in watching her because I've never seen a live skunk before. She was hopping around and gobbling up all of the bugs that congregate under the street lights. 

I mostly just like this one because the street lights look cool.

Before moving to Neosho I was concerned that there wouldn't be much to do and that I would get bored. I've really been pleasantly surprised.

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