Saturday, July 19, 2014

Exploring Woolaroc

Woolaroc is a ranch and museum southwest of Bartlesville, Oklahoma. It was built by oilman Frank Phillips of Phillips 66 gas station fame. And we saw it all.

After paying admission we were given a CD with a brief audio introduction to the grounds. I thought that was a nice touch.

I don't know if we were there during meal time for some of the animals or what but a couple of them were acting like pretty hungry hungry little hippos. I pulled a couple of big leafy weeds that they couldn't reach and helped a brother out. I'm a hero.

There were a couple of buildings that housed the collections of Phillips as well as some explanations of the history of the place.

Some of the Native American related stuff seemed a little campy. This reminded me of something you might find in a Boy Scout chapel in the woods somewhere.

"The name "Woolaroc" was coined by Mr. Phillips' business associate, Ms. Sydney Fern Butler. The name reflects the principle elements of the FP Ranch--Woods, Lakes, and Rocks.

The Woolaroc name was also applied to a line of appliances and radios sold through the 66 service stations shortly after World War II."

When we attempted to leave we realized the road out was being crossed by a herd of buffalo. I don't think a better ending could have been planned.

Afterward we ate in Bartlesville and poked around a bit. This is Price Tower, the only realized skyscraper designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

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