Thursday, March 29, 2007

10 Foot Long Colombian Mosquitos

I am officially going to Colombia May 5-12. The officialness comes from the fact that I already paid for the tickets. Pretty official. My girlfriend Angelica has to go back to Colombia for a month or so to wait for her visa to be renewed, and that seemed like a good opportunity to visit the country that she has made sound really exciting. I got a bit less rosy picture of the country when I went to a doctor to talk about any health risks involved in going to South America. I left with two vaccinations in each arm, and a couple of prescriptions that I am supposed to take while I'm there. I am to avoid fresh produce, riding in taxis that already have occupants, unbottled water, people that are coughing, traveling on country roads, revolutionaries, smiling, and the CIA. The downside is that my arms hurt a little, the upside is that I am now some kind of disease immune monster. (At least that was how I felt until they told me about all of the crazy diseases that I still have to watch out for). So, that's one thing that I have to look forward to, a whole new continent.. Ooooh.

I am now in Collinsville, IL for a 6 day long work trip. I had to drive my own car this time, so the chances of me doing something cool in St. Louis or somewhere else are very real. Other than that, pretty much just working on computers in a cubicle all day..

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