Monday, April 09, 2007

Finished up in Collinsville

I successfully concluded my battle with the computer villains in Collinsville. Once I had escaped the office, I headed over to hang out with my friend Seago on the MO side of the river. We ate at a pretty excellent Indian place, India Palace. It was a very unique establishment. Housed at the top floor of an old hotel, it has a pretty nice view of part of the city. The view was especially nice at night when all the blue lights from the nearby airport's runways were visible. Kind of a ghetto light show, but nice. The food there was the most authentic seeming Indian food I've had, but that might not be saying much. One of my last days in C-ville I went on a little side work trip to Wright City, MO. Not especially noteworthy from what I witnessed, but a welcome diversion from a workweek without a weekend.

I did have a work trip planned for later this month. It was going to be in a small city very near New York, NY. Unfortunately it was moved to the same time that I am going to be out of town, so I am no longer scheduled to go on that trip. I am going to be in Washington, DC from April 20-24 for my cousin's wedding. I am excited about going, but this will be my third time going in probably three years. Inevitably, there will be some overlap of sightseeing, but I think I can survive that. One thing that's great about DC are the restaurants. The last time I was in DC, I was with some college buddies of mine. We ate at an Afghan place, and an Ethiopian place, of course a Japanese restaurant, among others. It was great. I'm definitely excited about eating something weird while I'm there.

I've been doing a bit more planning involving my upcoming Colombian excursion. Angelica lives in Bogota, so I am going to split my time between there and Cartagena. Cartagena sounds really cool. It is an old Spanish fort city, reminding me of something out of Pirates of the Caribbean. This is normally the part where I link to a bunch of crazy google maps, but those lazy bums don't have any of the roads or even cities in Colombia mapped out... No fun. Maybe I should take that as a bad sign... Hehe.

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  1. If Google hasn't mapped it, it does not exist.

    Sounds like an ambush to me, sir...