Thursday, April 19, 2007


Today was the first day of my exciting Washington, DC travels. I am with my family, as the purpose for the trip is a wedding. Its only the first day, and I am already having a good time.

Straight out of the airport, we drove to Mount Vernon, the plantation home of George Washington, which is also the site of his grave. The whole compound was really enjoyable. Activities included a tour of the house, viewing the grave, and wandering around in a museum about the life of George. In the museum, I saw many parallels with the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum, which isn't surprising. It was very multimedia, which little movies intertwined with many of the exhibits. A set of Washington's dentures were displayed in a case, and a sign explained that the false teeth were a mixture of human and animal teeth.

The rehearsal dinner was at a place called the Monocle, which I read is a place that big time political people like to hang out at, as its really close to the capitol building. Not only that, but the Senate actually owns the restaurant. Really cool.

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