Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Galesburg Ghost Mall

I had a drive trip to Galesburg, IL for two days, not too eventful though, thankfully. One thing that was interesting about the place was the mall. Galesburg isnt that big of a place, so I was pleasantly surprised that they even had one. I'm not a big shopper or anything, but we needed a part and radio shack was almost the only place in town that might've had it. Anyway, the mall's interior was poorly lit, and from what I saw maybe more than a third of the spaces for lease were empty. Kind of a strange feeling, being in a mall that is mostly closed and pretty dim. Sort of a post-apocalyptic feel to the place for sure.

One of the especially notable sights that Galesburg boasts is the only remaining site of a Lincoln-Douglas debate, the "Old Main" building on Knox College's campus. I didn't get to see that, but I did get to see an old school Arby's sign. Yes!

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