Sunday, March 25, 2007

Jousting and PONG!

I've been so busy lately.. where to begin? I did some traveling of course. This time was a drive trip up to Grand Rapids, MI. Short and sweet. The food high point of that trip was going to a Vietnamese restaraunt, where we were the only people dining that weren't Vietnamese. Very authentic, needless to say. I just happen to have some family up there, but I didn't have any free time to go see them. Free time is very unpredictable on these trips, so I just have to be flexible.

I made a proud addition to the video game museum. It's a Coleco Telstar Alpha, and it is at least twice as impressive as it sounds. It is my latest dirty, country auction conquest. Its got all the amazing technology you'd expect from 1977. Four games to choose from, three difficulty levels, two players. And the sound doesn't come out of the tv, oh no, friend. It comes right out of the consol itself. Bleep, Bloop, indeed.

This weekend I went to Medieval Times in Schaumburg, IL. It was pretty cool. Its a dinner show, with people on horses jousting and generally fake fighting, along with other fun stuff. When you arrive, you are given tickets which correspond to a specific knight. Then there are cheering sections for each knight. Our knight dominated pretty bad. To me, the most visually interesting part of the whole thing was the large waiting room at the start of the show. It had a casino feel to it, with costumed people selling all kinds of crap, and people big and small milled about while wearing their paper crowns. The show itself was entertaining, and it lasted a good couple of hours. I doubt horses and lightshows mix in many places outside of that concrete castle. I definitely reccomend it to anyone who hasn't been. Its not a place I would be very interested in going to a second time, though.

The Terror of Castilla rides in.

The Red Knight putting a big hurt on a fool.

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