Sunday, February 12, 2023

This Wizard Life Chose Me

Despite our fun times yesterday at the two California Disney parks we decided that today we would go to the dark side: Universal Studios Hollywood.

Luckily I packed my wizarding gear in case I bumped into Harry Potter.

I was pretty excited to come back to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. We've been to the one in Florida about ten years ago.

It seems that I have become a bit of a Potter fan boy over the years. We had some cool 3d glasses that Derek and Gabby made for their recent party.

We knocked back a few butterbrewskies. While we were waiting in a long line for butterbeer the line on the other side opened up and for a split second I considered letting the people in front of me go first but then I channeled my inner Sytherin house motto to “do what is necessary” and cut in front of all of them. Butterbeer is for closers.

While perhaps looking ridiculous in normal life, I felt like I was getting some street cred in Hogsmeade. I did get roasted by one of the guys running the rides. He asked if I was Slytherin and then said that must be why I didn’t know the uniform called for a white shirt. Savage.

The interior of the Three Broomsticks is so well done. Just sitting in there was amazing and the food wasn't bad either.

The well named Hog's Head bar was in the back.

Now that I was the owner of an official wand I could do all of the spell opportunities placed all about. Well I could try to do the spells anyways. There was a bit of a trick to it. Some of them were definitely easier than others.

Spells were kind of difficult but I thought that was cool. Magic should probably be difficult .

Hogwarts Castle, which houses Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. 10 years ago we waited 2 hours to ride this ride. 2023 John bought the fast pass and sailed through to the front of the line while his haters stood mouths agape. So so mad.

I actually sort of regretted how short I'd caused our wait to be because I actually would have liked to spend more time nerding out inside Hogwarts. Oh well.

Defence Against the Dark Arts Classroom

I did not need the Sorting Hat's services today. I roll with Slytherin.

We visited Olivanders Wand Shop in Diagon Alley.

Sadly in the California park the Hogwarts Express is just for show. I am pretty thirsty to go to the parks in Florida that are connected by a working train!

When the girls finally drug me out of Hogsmeade my tears quickly dried up when we visited the wonderful world of Springfield.

Duff Beer for me,
Duff Beer for you,
I'll have a Duff,
You'll have one too

Lydia and Barney comparing bellies.

I couldn't explain to the girls why there is a live show based on Waterworld, the 1995 American post-apocalyptic action film starring Kevin Costner that received mixed reviews and barely broke even. All I could explain is that the show is awesome and they needed to see it.

I was impressed after the show that the cast are legit actors that have been in tv shows and movies that I've heard of.

I thirstily looked at Super Mario World and wished I could check it out. I think it may open like this week. Maybe it's for the best. We didn't have a full day to spend here so we were hurrying as it was.

Universal's photo pass system was ghetto as hell, and after each ride I needed to wait in a line as if I was going to buy the photo, then give my pass to the person at the counter to get them to load the photo onto my account. It was so bad. On the plus side though their fast pass worked like a dream and seemed to apply to every ride. Disney was pretty stingy with the fast lane. Many of the older rides weren't built for such a thing, and the most tippy top popular rides wouldn't let you use it either. It felt like a bit of a scam.

Revenge of the Mummy: The Ride

Transformers: The Ride 3D

Someday we shall meet, Mario. Someday.

Lydia was able to ride The Secret Life of Pets: Off the Leash so we made that our last move of the day.

Zoe savoring one of the less pleasant flavors of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans.

I never really cared much for the NFL and cared even less after the Rams were stolen from St. Louis. I did think it was fun that the Kansas City Chiefs won the super bowl, though. I know a lot of my Missouri crew will be excited about that.

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