Friday, February 17, 2023

Katy Perry's Number Two Fan

After our hard partying last night waking up in the morning  andworking another day while Lydia gazed at her navel all day was very rewarding and special.

We had tickets to see Katy Perry: PLAY at Resorts World. Resorts World is a very stupid name, but I do like the Asian influence the place has.

We hadn't had a bubble tea in days and we were getting shaky.

The merch was very funky and weird. This was my first introduction to Katy Perry's quirky style.

I mean, what the hell is this?!

I was pretty excited about our seat location. We were right at the front of the balcony, which I contend is a better view than many towards the back of the floor seating.

The show was very fun with a Toy Story type theme to it. For some reason I've not had much respect for Las Vegas residencies. Maybe because it seems to be something that artists do towards the end of their careers, at least in my perception. But I think the fact that everything doesn't have to be packed up and moved around a bunch means the show can be way cooler and tailor made for the particular stage it will always be performed on. The show was very impressive I think as a result.

At one point Katy poured a beer out of her trash bra and drank it with a giant rat. This was when I realized Katy was my dream girl.

After that amazing show we needed some nutritional fortitude in order the regain our composure. We made it happen at Momofuku. I think Hank teased us with going here and then rescinded his offer like a real villain, so this visit also had a revenge element to it.

"Pork belly buns with hoisin, scallion, cucumber."

"Ginger scallion noodle: pickled shiitake, wakame salad, cucumber."

"Hokkaido Pumpkin: chili crunch, coconut yogurt, mint"


"Crispy lamb ribs: chili yogurt, tingly salt, cilantro."

I believe we ordered too much food and were unable to eat it all. I have no regrets and I make no apologies.

I wanted to check out the Miracle Mile Shops because I've heard whispers that they are about to be renovated or otherwise destroyed. They were originally known as Desert Passage and were attached to the defunct Aladdin resort. So they have a fun Arabian theme which now has nothing to do with anything. There's even a storm every now and then which is fun.

I was a big winner in Paris. Aren't we all.

The Bellagio had a cool Lunar New Year display up.

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