Saturday, February 18, 2023

Penn & Teller & John

There seems to be an unlimited number of things to do in Las Vegas. I feel like we've been here numerous times and have never seen the same show or eaten at the same restaurant twice.

We swung by the Wynn to eat at the enticingly named "The Buffet at Wynn".

It turned out that the buffet was in fact at the Wynn, which was a good start at building trust.

I ordered bottomless drinks which covered bloody marys and mimosas.

They had their gelato in this amazing wheel of fortune situation.

I get excited every time I see the construction progress on the Sphere Las Vegas.

Now that I've been to Venice I can loudly and annoyingly compare the Venetian to the real thing.

Penn & Teller at the Rio was the main even of the day.

The show was a hoot. One memorable bit that seemed to be real was that Penn Jillette had a big map of the US with decks of playing cards attached where he had bought them. He them declared that he had memorized the order of all of them, and if the volunteer on stage picked a deck and then a number that Penn could name the card. And that his memory is so hardcore that if the volunteer wanted they could take the deck home and ask him on twitter or something whenever and he would still remember the order. This seemed real to me. It's almost too visually boring to not be real.

After the show we explored the Rio a bit and it was pretty rough. Not a lot going on and not a lot of people. I read about it and it sounds like the building is about to be renovated and they seem to have given up most of their effort in the meantime.

We headed to the SkyBar at the Waldorf Astoria because I heard they had a great view.

We had a late night meal at the Henry. There was surprisingly little food to be had at 1 am.

One of my favorite things to do in Vegas is just stroll around to different casinos and see the sights.

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