Friday, February 05, 2021

That Carolina Caviar

My time at my current job is winding down which is always a weird sensation. It's sort of like attending your own funeral or something. You're technically present but everyone is sort of looking past you like a ghost to the time you'll no longer be around. It's also weird because I've been working remotely since the pandemic hit, and so my coworkers who I had assumed I would see again any month now I will likely never hear from again. Kind of sad and crazy.

It was funny how confused some of them seemed to be.

I stayed on a strict self care regimen to deal with the stresses. So many stresses.

You know I was feeling a sort of stress that booze just couldn't reach so I broke out the big guns: a can of delicious Cajun spiced boiled peanuts. The caviar of the South!

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