Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Arch Time

A fun part of living in downtown St. Louis is that we're in walking distance of the arch. I don't know if we did it this time but after the arch my favorite move is to then stroll through the Landing to get to Lumiere Casino. It's fun to walk in there and they have free sodas. That right there is a good day my friend.

My mom sent me this article from Springfield's State Journal-Register. It dug up a memory that I had forgotten about, but when I was ten years old there were enough cases of meningitis that the local health department hosted a mass immunization drive at the state fairgrounds. The thing I remember most about it was that the shot was given not with a normal needle but with a needless air pressure injector thing. I wonder if they were on loan from the military.

There is a lot of grumbling from idiots against the covid vaccination so I think this is a fun bit of history that should reassure people that mass vaccinations are not a new thing.

You can never have too many pictures of the arch.

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