Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Cleaning Up the Springfield Streets

I visited my parents in Springfield, Illinois. One of their new outside covid-safe activities is to walk around and pick up aluminum cans on the side of the road. So that's what we did.

Our friend Neil owns a sports card shop, and there's been a lot of news lately about the trading card market going nuts. I realize I'm probably not sitting on a goldmine but I figured I need to get rid of my old card collection one way or another so why not make hay while the sun shines? It was fun flipping through them and reliving my childhood. It could easily be 20 years since I laid eyes on my treasured cards. I liked Jordan as you can see.

I think when Jordan quit I sort of lost interest in the whole sport of basketball. I'm not sure I could name five current players with a gun to my head.

I like to check on my ant now and then. It's funny to have a single pet ant.

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