Friday, October 31, 2014

St. Louis Halloween and the Sneaker Phone

I drove the long trek back to St. Louis for some Halloween fun with the crew.

Here I am telling a likely fantastic pig joke. What's a pig's favorite color? Mahogany.

Later in the weekend Seago and I introduced Margaret to the wonders of the Goodwill Outlet. You know how normal Goodwill is too expensive and the products are way too well organized? Well Goodwill Outlet has fixed both of those problems. Random junk is pushed out on the floor of a warehouse inside dumpsters on wheels. You dig through it and find treasures that then cost 79 cents a pound. It's a magical place. I bought the Seago household an additional wedding present in the form of this handsome shoe phone.

This commercial will answer all of the questions you must be asking yourself about the Sports Illustrated Sneaker Phone.

The stars aligned: the phone actually worked and Seago actually has a land-line in his apartment. What a merry, merry Halloween for us all.

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