Saturday, October 04, 2014

Neosho Fall Festival

There was yet another shindig on the Neosho square: The Neosho Fall Festival!

The coolest part in my opinion was the History Alley thing supported by the Newton County Historical Society. There were cool exhibits and goings on all around the museum(that we visited last month here).

Apparently flour used to come in fancy patterned bags that women would then make into quilts and other stuff.

A nice older gentleman spoke to me at length about his clock collection. It was interesting, plus I felt good that he felt good.

Funny kids photo opportunity.

This guy was showing us how to make a log cabin.

My favorite entry in the scarecrow contest.

Letting people flavor their own shaved ice seemed like a good idea until the local bee population got word.

The fire department was open for visitors.

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