Sunday, October 19, 2014

Scuba Graduation Day

After a long day of classroom study and two classes in the pool, we were ready to demonstrate our SCUBA skills down deep over 2 days at Beaver Lake in Arkansas.

It was kind of chilly out which made getting in the water initially uncomfortable. It made for some pretty nice fog over the lake views though.

Our deepest dive took us down to 42ish feet which felt pretty impressive. I had some problems getting my ears to pop at first (which needs to happen every couple of feet while descending to equalize pressure) but after that things went pretty well. There were multiple safety skills that we demonstrated such as sharing air and so forth. My least favorite trick was taking my mask off and putting it back on underwater then trying to blow all the water out of it with my nose. It's hard work.

There was a sunken boat or two underwater that was fun to swim around and explore. There were a couple of curious fish down there as well which was funny. The visibility wasn't great but it was a lot better than I was expecting. I figured it would be mud dark under there for some reason. Both the fish and the visibility will be multiples better in the ocean which makes me really excited to try my new skills!

I also saw beer cans and fish hooks and all the other crap that you would expect down there. That was kind of a magical realization. I always felt that when someone drops something off a boat that it just ceases to exist, but it just enters a different little underwater world. Very cool.

Back at home I made soup inside little pumpkins. It looked better than it tasted but was so hip and seasonal.

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