Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Jimmy Carter, the Newest Member of Phi Alpha Literary Society

Phi Alpha Literary Society's great benefactor Rep. Paul Findley brought President Jimmy Carter to be the latest speaker at the annual Phi Alpha lecture series. I tried to contact the actives and finagle my way into the pre-speech meet and greet to no avail.

I was already in Springfield so making the quick trip over to Jacksonville was no big deal.

And so I had to wait for Jimbo's big speech in a giant line with all of the lowly non-Phi "normals". It was degrading.

I almost didn't even make it in the building. It was packed to the gills.

Honorary Phi and Billionaire Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor gave a little pre-speech, as did Paul Findley.

I made the July 2010 issue of the Illinois College Quarterly last time Habtoor was in town. It's not a huge thing.

President Carter gives Phi Alpha a good shout-out in the first minute of his speech.

On my drive back to Springfield I caught up with Carter's convoy. There were a bunch of cop cars in it so I was too afraid to pass it. I ended up just stalking them all way back to town. After the time I saw Obama I have now seen 2 out of 5 of currently living presidents. Whoop whoop! What a random and fun day!

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