Thursday, March 27, 2014

Ballpark Village Opener

We heard that Third Eye Blind would be having a free show at the grand opening of the long delayed Ballpark Village, plus it's hard for me to resist a grand opening of a gas station let alone a downtown landmark. Luckily we took the metro downtown because there was a Blues game happening and it was really crowded. 

We walked over and were not pleased with what we saw: the line to get in pretty much wrapped around a city block. I'm not a big fan of waiting. Luckily Ryan and Trevor were already inside and gave us a tip. It turns out that Ballpark Village is full of separate bars and restaurants that each have their own entrances as well as their own exits into the common space that we wanted to be in. So we just strolled on in to PBR, and waltzed right into the mix. 

I thought PBR meant the place was going to be all about Pabst Blue Ribbon, but in fact it was all about Professional Bull Riding. Fancy that. The place was full of go-go dancer type women dressed like cowgirls. The common area was packed mayhem. It was way too hot in there as a result, so after a quick peek around we decided we'd rather go for a walk in the fresh air, Third Eye Blind be damned.

There were several performers like the kind on street corners that pretend to be statues. These guys were way cooler than that though. They were sepia toned old-timey baseball players straight out of Field of Dreams. It was a nice touch.

On the train ride back we got to see some new-to-St. Louis college kids share booze and pal around with a couple of hobos. It alternated between heartwarming display of humanity and uncomfortable sort of tongue-in-cheek urban safari for rich kids.

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