Saturday, October 06, 2007

10/7/07 Sports Day

The big day-long sports festival had arrived. I had pictured the students running around outside, with maybe a couple of parents with nothing better to do hanging around. It was definitely a bit more than that. There were maybe a few hundred guests. Several large tents were set up along with sound equipment on one end of the field, where the opening ceremonies occurred and announcers bellowed whatever random information. The whole thing lasted from a little after 8 in the morning until after 4 at night. Pretty serious.

My coverage of the sports festival.

There were maybe ten different events over the course of the day. I took a few pictures of the interesting ones. I skipped covering the more familiar events such as relays and whatnot.

A fierce war of tugs being waged.

More tugging.

I thought to myself how horrible this could go if someone wasn't paying attention.

Leader boards were updated after every event. The overall winners from each grade were presented with certificates at the closing ceremony.

Closing ceremony. The students' colored headbands corresponded to their grade and class number.

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