Thursday, October 04, 2007

10/4/07 Sports Day Preparation

I've been so busy the last couple of days... things are very hectic at school this week. A big reason for the disruption was the upcoming day-long sports festival. Monday and Tuesday were also both half days as a result.

Monday afternoon's exercises were a bit scary. Everyone lined up in a huge mass and practiced their marching and whatnot. They are pretty hardcore.

We should probably be worried about this.

Tuesday was for setting up lots of tents, tables, and chairs. Quite a lot of work went into this thing. I was pretty surprised, I didn't initially realize how important this was to everyone.

Many of the students were tasked with picking up rocks from the playing field. This reminded me a bit of a prison yard scene.

Maybe even more than a week ago the students started practicing group jump-rope incessantly: in the morning before school, at lunch break, many times a few groups were still doing it when I left to return home after work. About 12 students all line up and attempt to stay in line as they jump their little cares away. More on this sporty business next time.

On a related note, here is an average school lunch. Little bowl of fruit with some chunks of gelatin stuff, a bowl of mixed meat, tofu, and vegetables, a couple of little chinese dumpling things, and a little milk box. The little metal box keeps the rice warm. Yummy.

Ok, now for something fun. I'd like you to look at the following picture and try to guess what it is describing and where it is located. No cheating!

think... think... why would a person put a bag over their own head?

No, its not Abu Ghraib. It's a fitting room at a Japanese clothing store! I can only read a couple of the words on this sign, but I can with out a doubt read "face cover". It seems that trying on a sweater with your dirty little face uncovered is unacceptable. Who knows where your faces have been. Oh man. I had a good laugh at this one. Thoroughly ridiculous.

Here's the basket of honorable face covers.


  1. Anonymous3:33 AM

    HEY JOHN, stores aren't worried about people's dirty faces. they are worried about the three pounds of makeup caked onto the faces of half the female population. if those women don't use the face cover, their makeup comes off on the clothes, and then the store has a problem.

    oh yeah and this is babs. nice blog.

  2. Hmm... valuable insight. Doesn't seem quite so insane then.