Friday, October 12, 2007

10/15/07 Harvest Time

The rice fields were a bright green color when I arrived, since then they have all turned a shade of yellow. Men ride around on miniature tractors doing whatever one does to ripe rice. It is starting to get a bit cooler as well, if I go out after dark I usually throw on a sweatshirt. I am actually a bit excited about the season changing. While this is my fourth trip to Japan, I have always come during the summer, so this is my first chance to experience the other times of year. Food in particular is very seasonal here, so I imagine there are all sorts of cold weather dishes that I will soon be discovering.

Some rice harvesting in progress.

This is another school lunch that needs to be noted. A single mandarin orange, milk box, a weird grayish colored cold sausage, two slices of bread with bits of juicy carrot pieces inside, a bowl of noodles with mushrooms and some other random veggies, and then the kicker. A bag of small, dried, whole fish. Eyes, tails, skin: its all there for my enjoyment. They were crunchy and foul tasting.

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  1. Anonymous2:48 PM

    john! its chris from karmak, hank sent me the link to your blog, dude im so jealous of all the cool stuff youre seeing in japan... theres a chance that me and the wife are going to make a 2nd trip to japan next year, she has a friend of a friend who teaches english over there too, though im not sure in what city... anyhoo let me know if you're up for having guests because i definitely want to see ashikaga if we make if over there again, stay in touch!