Thursday, October 25, 2007

10/26/07 Dangerous Commute

A few posts ago I wrote a bit about the wildlife in Japan, and about how it is a bit more abundant and wild than seems natural. Well, on a bike ride back from work I got an unwanted chance to meet one of these creatures. I had just started on my way back home, but I had stayed at work a bit late, so it was a bit darker than usual. Not completely night, there was enough daylight left that I didn`t have a bunch of car headlights in my eyes. It was plenty dark enough though, for my formerly favorite animal to be out in force.

The bats. Yes, they are everywhere and a bit scary looking, but they eat the bugs that are super annoying. We had a pretty good agreement I thought. I get the first 6 or so feet of sky, and they can have the rest. They could do whatever they want, as long as they stay on their freaking side! We had an agreement!

So, while minding my own little business, one of them swoops down and hits me in the chest. I think that maybe it didn`t understand what had happened, because it flapped around on me for a bit before it finally flew away, presumably back to hell. So, there I was, one hand on my bike`s handlebars, and the other one waving around wildly, all the while continuing to peddle my bike in the direction of my apartment... Freaky. Horrid creatures, those.

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