Monday, March 29, 2021

Vaccination Finally Pays Off

We took a bit of a detour from today's excursion to claim a prize which is rightfully ours: doughnuts!

People like doughnuts in Fenton a whole lot it turns out. We tabled this plan as we had other things to attend to.

I can't drive past Bourbon, Missouri without imagining their water tower full of booze.

I love small town classic ice cream joints. I don't know what it is about ice cream and burger joints that makes them immune to the ravages of time.

There was a man collecting driftwood pretty ardently on the shore.

The mill at Dillard Mill State Historic Site was built in 1908 and is one of Missouri's best-preserved examples of a water-powered gristmill.

The trail was flooded so we milled around a bit and went home.

We hit Krispy Kreme again on the way back to St. Louis and free sugary victory was ours!

Never felt healthier!

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