Thursday, March 25, 2021

The Circle of Life

I prefer the term "vigorous truth bending".

We've had a friend or two get big sad about how early we got our vaccinations. Bummer.

Ex-Blues player Bobby Plager passed away yesterday. I had the pleasure of meeting him at one of the Anheuser-Busch Brewery Christmas light ceremonies a few years ago. There's also a few hockey bars around town, one used to be downtown, called Bobby's Place that he must have owned to some degree.

One of Lil' Hank's children is just about done cooking. You can see the pupa in the center of the pile is starting to darken to be the black ant color you would expect. It's kind of fun to watch it happen. The eyes turn black first while the rest of the body is still bright white, then the body starts to darken as well.

One of the sad parts of the covid period is watching beloved restaurants die. Nami Ramen was pretty decent ramen, especially so in St. Louis.

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