Wednesday, March 24, 2021

First Post-Covid Restaurant

Well now that Lydia and I were fully vaccinated we thought it might be safe to start reintegrating ourselves into human life.

We headed to a fancy French sort of place called Vin De Set with our sort of fancy French friends Viry and Lolo.

We were primarily there because it was happy hour. We were excited to return to the land of the living, but not so excited that we were going to start paying full price for drinks! 

We went hardcore with our bunker mentality in order to avoid catching covid. We quarantined our mail for days before opening it, wiped our groceries down with alcohol, wiped our phones and watches with alcohol any time we came in from outside, and today is the first day I've eaten at a restaurant since Kenya. That was just over a year ago today. I remember the experience feeling sort of strange. I hadn't spoken to a server in a year. I had forgotten to some degree and was now a little uncomfortable when they would refill our water and come by and check on us. They were super slow which was incredibly apparent to me because we had eaten on our own schedule for a very long year. I'm proud of us for being so serious about the threat and in many ways coming out better people on the other end.

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