Saturday, November 02, 2019

A French Day of the Dead

We ate someplace new for lunch today: Hotel Saint Louis. I think it's fun that downtown is full of all of these ornate hundreds of years old buildings and just the businesses inside of them change.

Speak of ancient downtown beauties, the hotel is across the street from the Railway Exchange Building, built in1913. Really I mostly know it as the former headquarters and flagship store of the Famous-Barr chain of department stores. One thing that Famous used to be... famous for was its french onion soup. I know I've been in that store back in the day, so I'm a bit annoyed that I never tried it. Anyway the Hotel Saint Louis menu had an homage to it which I thought must be the next best thing. We ordered two and it was like the best money I ever spent. So good.

Later that night we went to a house and laid in wait for our friend Lolo's Day of the Dead themed surprise birthday party.

Lolo is French and has a whole crew of other French people in town that seem to hang out with each other pretty frequently. We were some of the only non-French speakers present and so were sort of in the corner half of the time but I still had a lot of fun.

Never have I seen a more disturbing group waiting to surprise someone.

This is like a great reason to not carry a gun.

One of Le French made this really really fancy cake. Like something that would be expensive at a restaurant. The lady talked about learning how to do it in a cooking class. The little things around the edges are I think hazelnuts dipped in molten sugar.

I think this was the fanciest birthday cake I've ever had.

Le French like to dance a lot more than Americans do I think. They were really tearing up the dance floor/living room.

And then I found the source of the immense time, size, and stamina of their dancing.

There were a lot of good snacks and wine. I should really hang out with Le French more often.

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