Sunday, November 03, 2019

A Freak Shake at the Soda Fountain

Today we checked out the newly renovated area around the fancy new aquarium in Union Station.

In particular we wanted to take a peek inside the Soda Fountain.

I was pleasantly surprised about how legit the menu was. They had egg creams and aromatic phosphates! I'm not sure if even I have had a phosphate before. The menu described it thus:

Angostura bitters, allspice dram, rye, grenadine, lemon, acid
phosphate, soda"

There was even a glossary in the back to help with what the heck some of terms were:

A solution of phosphoric acid and mineral salts formulated
to balance a soda or cocktail by providing tartness without
adding an additional flavor."

We were here for the Freak Shakes, however. Opulent shakes stuffed with craziness seem to be a craze recently. 

I got excited while waiting for ours to arrive because I noticed all of the shake glasses had been rolled in icing and coated in sprinkles.

I was kind of iffy on the whole crazy milkshake thing but I could see Lydia was about to have a meltdown so I let her choose.

We went with: "A VERY HAPPY UN-BIRTHDAY 18
Vanilla frosted rim with rainbow sprinkles topped with
a funfetti cupcake, whipped cream, rainbow sprinkles,
snickerdoodle cookie, cherry, rainbow pop."

I was really embarrassed when a kid sitting next to us loudly asked his parents if he, too, could have a $20 milkshake. His parents replied "no" and there was a scene. We gave him the big lolly pop out of ours as a consolation prize. I was probably going to have to go home and purge as it was.

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