Monday, November 19, 2018

The New Keurig of Booze

Today at work they unveiled the Drinkworks Home Bar. It is a literal Keurig for beer and cocktails. They had several machines set up in the lobby for everyone to try.

You don't get much more America than drinking mixed drinks you were too lazy to make yourself next to a titanic eagle statue and a flag.

I have a Hawaii trip on the books I'm looking forward to so I made sure to sample the tropical drinks.

I'm less excited about the beer option than the cocktails. I guess they purposefully came up with sort of obscure import flavors of beer for the machine. One reason is I think a facility in Europe might be the only place equipped to create the beer concentrate pods. Also they didn't want to include like say a Bud Light because they didn't want people to start comparing the product in a normal bottle to the product coming out of the machine.

Another grand plan came to fruition today. A few weeks back the office had a fundraiser thing for United Way. Cool. Well part of that was a raffle drawing/silent auction combo for all kinds of Anheuser-Busch themed swag. Things got as fancy as like A-B branded iPads and Apple Watches. Anyway I've wanted a neon beer sign for a long time but they had a price tag that made me sad. All of the neons were on the silent auction side of the game and people were bidding them up to hundreds of dollars each. No thanks. There was one exception: there were two Kirin brand signs on the raffle side. Kirin is less well known to most people probably but I did some time in Japan and I would be happy with that sign. So I stuffed that item's drawing box with $15 worth of tickets.

The day of the drawing I won one of the signs! Hurray. When I went to pick up the box though I could hear stuff rattling around in there. That was not a good sign. Sure enough I opened it and it was broken. I very embarrassedly returned the box to the lady running the operation. Lucky for me she was in Procurement. And she said that she could procure me another sign. A few weeks went by of me bugging them about it until my sign arrived.

They couldn't get the same sign I'd won but I didn't really care. Bud Light was even better!

This is now like one of my prize possessions. It's bright enough that if you look directly at it it will melt your face right off.

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