Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Diwali, Voting, and Basketball

I signed up for a lot of the clubs at work. They seem to be taking it well considering I'm none of the minorities nor a woman. Anyway, the Asian club had a fun Diwali celebration at work. One of the best parts was first learning what the heck Diwali is. It is the Hindu festival of light, which seems to in part be about the solstice? Anyway there's oil lamps, fancy clothes, and eating. Sold!

This was the best food I think I've ever had in the building.

Kirin is Japanese but was apparently Asian enough for the festival. On tap there was also a beer that I briefly helped to brew at the Star Shop.

After work Lydia and I became two tiny drops in the blue wave that washed President* Trump's dreams away. I look forward to mailing disparaging letters in envelopes full of glitter to the prison they put him in.

Later we took a couple of friends to a SLU basketball game. The tickets were from AB. Why not?

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