Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Fourth of July Fireworks at the Arch

The seemingly-forever renovation of the Arch was completed right around the 4th of July, so heading over there for some fireworks was a genius plan.

Trust is one of my favorite bars downtown. It's situated in an opulent 1896 bank building. To the out of town observer though it's probably easily overlooked, so they did a little sprucing up for the Fourth.

It was so hot that everyone was attempting to squish themselves into the arch's shadow.

We popped into the brand new, mercifully air conditioned, museum under the Arch to see what's new. I had hoped they would keep around one or two of the hideous mannequins from the old museum but no dice.

Now that's a lotta potties!

The next day the alley behind our apartment looked like China threw up.

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