Saturday, June 30, 2018

Broke a Guinness World Record with Budweiser

Today we took Lydia's parents to the Budweiser Big Sizzle which was the brewery's attempt to break the "Guinness World Records™ Title for Most People Grilling Simultaneously".

The day before the festivities I was already getting excited because they'd already set up all of the grills. This is the view from the copy machine room on my floor.

After waiting in line a while I just cut the line and told them I work there and we got to go ahead. I'm bad.

That cardboard Budweiser cowboy hat we bought on our trip to see the baby Clydesdales at A-B's Warm Springs Ranch came in handy.

It was so crazy hot out anyway in the the middle of a parking lot with no shade, then we lit up ~600 grills all at once. I think we were also going for the unofficial record of Most Simultaneous Heat Stroke Victims.

Each grilling station had a nice pile of swag including some Bud BBQ sauce and a Bud apron.

The organizers were wisely stressing the simultaneous nature of the record we were trying to break, so each part of the process of grilling the one burger we'd been rationed was carefully choreographed.

I did a good job.

When the Guinness official proclaimed we'd broken the record all hell broke loose.

The whole thing was like if a Budweiser commercial had come to life.

At the end it was announced that anyone who wanted to could take their grills home could and so a stampede of people dragging their still steaming grills down the street began. 

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